Granite Recovery Inc.

Debt Collection

Collection Standards

Our collections process starts with courtesy letters and personal phone calls to the debtors notifying them we are handling the account. These letters indicate the amount owed and payment options allowing the debtor to handle it quickly.

We follow up on the letters with phone calls advising them of their responsibilities and options to settle the matter. Our agents handle these calls professionally keeping your company’s image in mind.


Client Considerations

Since we work with many different types of businesses, we often take on special client considerations for account handling and processing. We realize not every business is the same! Often these customers will return to your business again after paying the bad debt. If you have any special considerations or concerns for accounts, don’t hesitate to let us know.

We handle your delinquent accounts ensuring that:

·        Our full efforts are focused on delivering revenue recovery rate you need to increase your bottom line 

·        We exhaust all possible efforts, utilizing the most extensive databases of information to locate your debtors and effect collections.

·        You know we’re working hard for you because we don’t get paid until you do!


Delinquent accounts become more difficult and time-consuming to collect as time goes on. Therefore, it is important for your business to contact us before your accounts become uncollectable.

Delinquent accounts have cost and are costing your business right now! Instead of letting them gather dust in your filing cabinet, send them to us and start receiving the money you are owed and need in these difficult economic times.

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