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What others have to say about Granite Recovery Inc. :

“We have found that Granite Recovery has maintained a higher collection average with no consumer complaints. I am happy to recommend Granite Recovery for outside collections without reservation.” L.C. in Greenville SC

“We began working with Granite Recovery by sending “second” referral accounts or accounts from our other agencies but their collection rate was so good that they are now our only collections agency. We highly recommend this company to anyone with a collection problem on current accounts or on accounts that have been listed with another agency.” J.S. in Charlotte NC

“We have turned over hundreds of virtually uncollectable accounts to Granite Recovery and have had success at collecting accounts with both large and small balances. They communicated with our clients in a very civil and respectful manner. We have found them to be very cordial and pleasant to work with” – M.L. in Anderson SC

“Their performance has been exceptional in the area of collections and we have had no complaints from customers. We highly recommend Granite Recovery for your collection activities.”. A.C. in Greenville SC

"We have recently had the Opportunity to work with Jean at Granite Recovery.We had a debt which we thought would have to be written off as noncollectable. We placed this debt with Granite Recovery. We Appreciate your efforts which resulted in payment of this
debt. –R.C in Greenville S.C

We have been using Granite Recovery since September 2010, as our collection agency. Some of these accounts that they have handled for us had been listed with other national collection agencies with absolutely no results. Granite Recovery has been able to affect collections on several of our accounts and we are very happy with the results they have gotten for us, with no complaints. We also enjoy working with their courteous staff and we would recommend them to anyone with collection problems. –W.H in Greer

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